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Dodge Mailer

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles uses this direct mail format with many of their car lines. I received one for Jeep in the same exact layout. This Dodge mailer features custom die-cut sleeve, three-panel wrap, and stitched brochure. All parts are printed with a subtle gloss UV varnish.

Specs:SleeveWrapBrochurePaper80 lb. Gloss Cover (all parts)Ink4c/4c UV inks + Dodge PMS Red + Spot UV Gloss VarnishSizeFlat: 14 x 12.25 | Final Size: 10.25 x 6Flat: 25.75 x 5.75 | Final: 10.375 x 5.75Final Size: 10.0625 x 5.75ProcessDie Cut, Strip, Convert, Glue, Insert all parts, Inkjet Addres, Wafer Seal, Sort, Tray, Mail

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