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Chicago Association of Realtors Brochure

Realtor associations across the country have been trying to respond to the online platforms like Zillow, Trulia, The National Realtors Association recently revamped their online search tools but many people think it was a little late. Obviously the question on everyone’s mind is, will realtors be obsolete in 5 – 10 years? Chicago Association of Realtors is banding together to provide new online tools and better networking events, increased legislative pressure and continuing education. Thus the theme of this marketing piece was “Reimagine.”

We have a double gate fold brochure that has a smooth, cool overall UV gloss with an open ended, die cut sleeve finished with soft touch. The contrast between the colorful gloss and  black soft touch finishes makes the cut out letters “Reimage” shine through. The gatefold opens up to horizontal spread that highlights the 4 main benefits of the association: education, resources/technology, lobbying and networking. Excellent piece – long live realtors!

Basic Specs:BrochureSleevePaper100 lb. Sterling Premium Gloss Text120 lb. Endurance Silk CoverInk4cUV/4cUV + Overall UV Coating1/0 Dense Black + Overall Soft Touch AqueousSizeFlat: 24 x 4.75 | Final: 6.75 x 4.75Final: 6.75 x 4.75ProcessChannel Score, Trim To Size and Gatefold Brochure; Die Cut, Strip, Fold, Glue Sleeve

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