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Chase Bank Die Cut Self-Mailer

Chase Bank has done a great job marketing to millennials by investing in the UX for their online platform, as well as improving their mobile app. A few years ago, their aggressive marketing strategies birthed the idea of offering cash to new checking account customers. In fact, they got me to switch over from Wells Fargo for $200 – for a millennial that’s a few nights out on the town, or a cheap Frontiers flight to Colorado. Chase is now offering $500 for new business checking accounts with only a minimum balance of $1,000.

This mini sized direct mail piece looks like a postcard from the outside but opens in an interactive way. There is a coupon card with an offer code that is removable along the perforations. The right side panel pulls outward revealing a die cut window. This coupon card interacts on 3 different spreads due to the interior accordion fold. Variable data for the branch location makes this piece particular and personalized. I need to start a business to claim this $500 coupon.

Basic Specs:Paper80 lb. Gloss TextInk4c/4c + Spot UV Gloss CoatingSizeFlat: 23.4375 x 5.25 | Final: 6.9375 x 5.25ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Hand Fold; Spot Glue; Sort, Tray, Mail

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