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Birthday Mailer

BirthdayPak® is a direct marketing solution for local, upscale restaurants to advertise to affluent female consumers. The parent company is 365 Direct LLC located in Springfield, PA but BirthdayPak® is franchised throughout the US. This highly personalized and selective marketing piece delivers high-value promotions to a very specific audience on arguably the most important day of the year…their birthday. As the recipient opens the piece, they receive a personalized greeting with their first name in a custom handwritten font. The double gatefold opens to first spread with instructions on how to activate their birthday gift. Inside that last gatefold, there is a high-impact, colorful spread with 8 unique offers from local businesses. Each offer has a perforated card that is folded over and held with low tack tape. An excellent marketing piece that gives just another reason to shop.

Basic Specs:Paper110 lb. Matte CoverInk4c/4c + UV Gloss 1 SideSizeFlat: 19.375 x 11.125 | Final: 4.875 x 9ProcessDie Cut; Strip; Glue; Fold; Waferseal; Sort, Tray, Mail

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