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Sweet Idea Dude

A Content Marketing Strategy

Company Overview

Envision3 is a $15 million marketing service provider and commercial printing company based in the Chicago area. They specialize in high-end UV printing, digital printing, direct mail, die cutting and full bindery services, as well as a full-service, in-house agency. With a well-diversified client portfolio, Envision3 grew during the recession by acquiring struggling print manufacturing companies.


Problem and Goal

Commercial printing is now a commodity with cheap online options like Vista Print and easy access to international print houses. Not to mention, many companies have shifted print and direct mail budgets to the digital space. In the last 8 years, the Envision3 sales force decreased from 20 to 3, with sales relatively constant because of strong and loyal house accounts. To combat inevitable customer attrition, Envision3 needed to find ways to grow customer base and boost sales to new customers.



Envision3 has a reputation for exceptional, high-end UV printing for companies such as Amazon, Verizon, DuPont, Kohl's, Gap, and other Fortune 500 companies. In order to play to our strengths, I decided to focus marketing efforts on this core competency – premium, luxurious print manufacturing.  Utilizing WordPress, I documented, categorized, and promoted Envision3’s best-of-the-best projects. To avoid legal conflicts and provide creative freedom, I created a new brand identity for this marketing tool - Sweet Idea Dude. Daily posts consisted of photos, video demos, printing specifications (e.g. ink, size, paper, etc.). Initially, the promotion strategy consisted of Google Adwords and LinkedIn paid advertisements to launch the site and grow the audience. The long-term strategy focused on email campaigns to subscribers and clients, as well as posts on personal LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest accounts. In the first 3 months, blog posts inspired three new projects for over $50,000 in booked business. 

My Contributions

  • Oversaw logo development and creation of style guide

  • Setup WordPress site, which included building out website pages, creating blog post templates, copywriting, organizing menus and navigation bar, designing graphics, purchasing a domain name and hosting services

  • Created all blog post content including reviewing and finding suitable projects, capturing and editing photos and videos, designing graphics and copywriting

  • Managed the blog by scheduling post frequency, categorizing posts with tags, editing CSS and HTML to customize the template, launching Sumo applications to boost and optimize subscriber sign-ups

  • Shared posts on social media accounts which involved creating the accounts, designing basic account layouts, optimizing photos and content to for each platform, tracking metrics, following up with shares, likes, and messages

  • Launched email campaigns via MailChimp and Campaign Monitor which included segmenting and maintaining multiple subscribers and client lists, creating separate templates for promotional emails, daily blog posts, and monthly newsletters, designing email graphics and copywriting

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